10 Grand Press




We offer a range of print sessions and techniques. Each session includes working with a master printer, who will help brainstorm and actualize ideas. The sessions include a full color palette with a range of printing plates to choose from, plus assistance printing and access to shop tools are included in the session rate

Sessions are 7 hours long with an hour off for lunch. Sessions are available 6 days a week, starting at 9 or 10am. The shop will do it's best to accommodate your schedule.

The print shop provides all project materials except editioning paper and outside fees for service, such as films or shipping.

Please remember to bring your own brushes. You can bring your own paper or buy from our collection.

Available Print Techniques

- Monotype
- Intaglio
- Relief Printing
- Paper Lithograhy
- Solar Plates
- Stencils
- Letterpress
- Woodcut

Press Equipment

- a 60" x 34" Tackach-Garfield etching press (in NY)
- a 40" x 70" Tackach-Garfield etching press (in NM)
- 2 Platen Presses, press bed 21" x 15" and 8" x 12" 
- industrial light table
- assorted Arches Cover, Rives BFK, and Sommerset papers
- wide range of etching and lithography inks
- drying rack/blotter system
- wide range of brayers and rollers
- system for curating prints

Solo session & shared session

Price of sessions on request.


Drop-off printmaking

Drop off your originals and the master printer will execute the project for an hourly fee.


Workshops are available seasonally for adults and children. Contact us for more information.


We have in stock an assortment of paper and colors:

Arches Cover and Rives BFK (white and buff )
- 22" x 30"
- 29" x 41"

Arches 88
- 22" x 30"
- 29" x 42-1/3"

Tan and Rives
- 22" x 30" for
- 30" x 44" for

Somerset or Arches (black) 
- 22" x 30"
- 30 x 44"

Rives BFK (white) 
- 22" x 30"
- 29" x 41"
- 33" x 44"

Rives BFK (cream and grey)
- 22" x 30" for

Hiromi Kitakata (natural and greenish)
- 38" x 10 yards
- 16" x 20"

We can special order paper for you to be delivered to the studio before your session, just let us know.


Payment in full is appreciated at the end of your work day. We accept check, quickpay, or cash.


Please give two weeks notice. A $100 fine will be charged for cancellations less than two weeks. This covers the reserved studio time.

Food and Music

You may use the studio kitchen to prepare lunch or keep your food fresh in the refrigerator. Feel free to bring your own music for printing inspiration.